TrueBlueSchools: Earn $’s for Hope Hill School!

Here is an easy way for all UUCA members/friends to help Hope-Hill Elementary earn much needed funds.


If you are a Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) customer, GNG will donate $5 per month for each new and existing customer who goes on-line ( and selects Hope Hill as their school of choice. Customers who switch to GNG from another provider can receive a savings on their monthly gas bill!**  Call 1-866-ONLYGNG to sign up by phone.

If you are are not a natural gas consumer, you can help by telling family members, friends, and those with whom you do business, i.e. dry cleaner, favorite restaurant/shop, etc., about the TrueBlue Schools Program. You can encourage everyone you know who is a natural gas consumer to sign-up and select Hope Hill Elementary.

We have an amazing potential for helping the school earn big bucks. If we generate 200 sign-ups, Hope Hill could receive $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year! How good would that be! Imagine the difference we can make:

  • Teachers able to obtain specialized learning materials for kids with unique learning needs.
  • Mind-expanding field trips.
  • Special, school-wide academic enrichment programs.

In wealthier schools, parents typically pay for or donate money to cover costs for special programs, events, and resources. Hope Hill is resource poor in comparison to other elementary schools in its cluster. Through our participation in and promotion of TrueBlue Schools, UUCA can make a substantial contribution toward helping the school earn the money it needs to better educate our Hope Hill kids.

Here are the steps to sign-up:

  •  Log onto
  •  Click on Program Details ► How It Works ► Enroll Now. Follow the instructions. You will need your natural gas service account number.
  •  Do not put a hyphen (-) in Hope Hill when you enter the school’s name. Click on Hope Hill Elementary School when it pops-up.
  •  There is an FAQ with complete details about the program on the site.

Join the call of Priscilla Borders, President, Hope Hill PTA for all of the school’s community partners to participate in and promote the TrueBlue Schools Program. To date, the school has earned $555 from the participation of PTA members, school staff, and community partners like UUCA.

Follow the lead of Joy Borra, UUCA member and leader of UUCA’s Promise the Children ministry. When asked why she signed up, Joy said, “With one SHORT online session, I got Georgia Natural Gas to donate $60 a year ($5 a month) of THEIR money, not mine (!) to my favorite school – Hope Hill Elementary! Seemed like a “no-brainer”! If GNG only donated $5 one time, it would not be worth my effort. But they donate $5 every month! $60 a year…$300 in five years…. And I don’t have to do anything more to keep those contributions going. AMAZING!”


Thanks in advance for helping UUCA make a difference in the lives of the kids at Hope Hill.

** From the FAQ on the website: “The monthly donation of $5/month is NOT added to your gas bill. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for the TrueBlue Schools program. GNG’s rates will not be raised to pay for this program or donations.”

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