How is Hunger Affecting Students at Hope-Hill Elementary?

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How is Hunger

Affecting Students

at Hope-Hill Elementary?

 ( Remember to Participate in UUCA’s Thanksgiving “Love Thy Neighbor” Food Project.

 First, a significant number of Hope-Hill students come to school hungry:

 From a  teacher at Hope-Hill:

 “Joy, I have had your initiative on my mind all week.  I love that your church is considering working on Food insecurity.  This is a worth-while effort , and that  Hope-Hill will benefit is a true blessing. 

 “One of the issues I have recognized since my arrival is that a great many of our children come into the school day with anger and discomfort.  A good bit of that is because they are hungry.  They did not get breakfast at home that morning and/or they got no dinner the night before. 

 “I can tell you that I could identify, right now, at least five students are regularly hungry in the fifth grade where I teach, and that’s probably a modest number.”


How does being hungry affect Hope-Hill Children?

 Child hunger is an educational problem.

 •   Hungry children do more poorly in school and have lower academic achievement because they cannot concentrate.

 • Hungry children have more social and behavioral problems because they feel bad, have less energy for complex social interactions.

 • Hungry children ages 0-3 years cannot learn as much, as fast, or as well, because chronic poor nutrition harms their cognitive development during this period of rapid brain growth. This affects them for life. 

 •  Hungry children are sick more often, and more likely to have to be hospitalized (the costs of which are passed along to the taxpayers). ( from Atlanta Community Food Bank website)

 Being Food Insecure.  It haunts the 658 children in Bedford Pine

There are 658 children under 18 who live in  Bedford Pine  –   many of whom attend Hope-Hill school. Their mothers are mostly single, mostly young and almost all very poor.  Nourishing food at end of month and on weekends (when there is no school) is in very short supply.

Food Insecurity.  Defined as:The limited or uncertain availability of enough food, and nutritionally adequate foods for an active, healthy life.  or “People who aren’t sure whether they’ll have food for dinner tonight.”


In the coming days, our PTC Food Insecurity posts will consider: Hunger 101- Why people in Bedford Pine are hungry. The Hows and Whys of SNAP.  A Challenge to live a week on SNAP.  Sources of food for food insecure people. What will we do to change it.

Please follow along, and please, let the subject of food insecurity be a topic of conversation with family and friends and colleagues around you!

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November 7, 2013 · 9:07 pm

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