Here’s where our food sharing project stands as of Monday, Nov. 11:

Food Insecurity – #4 in a series (Read all the posts about food insecurity. Click “like” at the bottom, and you will get them automatically.  )


“Love thy Neighbor – especially when s/he is hungry”


“Will there be enough food for dinner tonight?” 


Imagine you are a mom, and you don’t know if you will have enough food for yourc hildren’s  next meal. This is food insecurity. 

Among the children at Hope-Hill Elementary, FOOD INSECURITY is a living, breathing factor of daily life. 



 Here’s where our food sharing project

stands as of Monday, Nov. 11: 

 Shoppers: We have about 60 families covered so far.  We’re going for 130….  70 more to go.  (Remember, while you are shopping for one family, you could shop for several!)  

Cash Donations:  As of today, we have about $1100 in cash donations.  We need about  $1800.  (Remember you can donate any amount, not just $20!)

Packers:  We have enough packers.  But here’s what we can promise you. If you bring your food bags on Sunday, Nov. 24, your children will be able to put the food they brought into a food box and see it head for the delivery truck. 


 Here’s how to participate. Let us hear from you by Thursday, please.  

 Opportunity 1: Be a Thanksgiving elf!

 You and your family can sign up to shop for Thanksgiving items for one Bedford Pine family. You’ll get a grocery list of items to purchase for no more than $20While you are shopping, sign up to shop for several families!  You can drop off your food on Sunday, November 24, or alternatively, Sunday, Nov. 17 or Wed., Nov. 20

Register here to shop for groceries.

 Opportunity 2: Make Thanksgiving dinner a feast! 

If you want to help, but cannot shop, you can make a cash donation. We need to raise some cash to purchase the hams or chickens for all those boxes!  It’s FINE to donate more than $20!!!   

Register here to donate money.

If you want to help UUCA explore how to DO MORE about Food Insecurity, we want to know you!!!  

Drop a note to: 


On Sunday, November 24, UUCA members will pack and deliver 130 boxes of Thanksgiving and other food to families living in Bedford Pine,

a low-income community that is home  to a large number of children

who go to Hope-Hill.

 This project is being coordinated by UUCA/s Promise the Children Advocacy and Action Group

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