Was Anyone Ever There For You?

Anyone ever read to you? Clearly explain something that had you stumped?   Introduce you to an exciting idea completely outside your experience? So wild it didn’t seem possible?!

Anyone remember your name? Greet you and be happy to see you? Invite you to join something that looked like fun, but you were too afraid to try?

Ever been challenged to do your best? I mean r-e-a-l-l-y challenged. To stretch your thinking, dig deeper, go after something that seemed impossible?

Encouraged? Supported? Been ready to give up, but somebody believed in you—more than you believed in yourself?

I have. In some cases I can tell you precisely when, by whom, and how it made me feel.

I’m betting you have too.

Our U.U.C.A. partnership with Hope-Hill Elementary School offers us opportunities to be there for children.

Please join us.

Richard Bergman

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