Was School a Problem for You?

At times I had difficulty in school.

I wonder if you did.

Whatever your answer, please come visit us at the Hope-Hill Elementary School table in the Social Hall. Drawing on your experiences, you can reach a child.

Whether school was ever a problem for you—-or—-the school labelled you the problem, you can relate to the children at Hope-Hill.

Going out on a limb here, based on some familiarity with Unitarian Universalists, I’ll venture a guess that many of us caused problems in our schools!

“Perish the thought! That’s outrageous! How dare you!

“I’m on my way to the Hope-Hill table right now to set you straight!”

Would it surprise you to know that some children perceived as troublemakers, difficult, even “bad kids” find time in the classroom  boring?

Maybe you know that from personal experience. Maybe you hear that from your own children or grandchildren.

Some children catch on more quickly, have talents that aren’t being tapped, dreams that are pinched, talents not immediately recognized. I can’t begin to explain all the reasons why school can be difficult.

Our UUCA partnership with Hope-Hill Elementary focuses on making positive differences in young people’s lives.

Please stop by the Hope-Hill table to find out how you can help students succeed in school today.

Richard Bergman

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