How Long will he Survive?

From Richard Bergman

“Sit down.

“I need you to be quiet.

“Put on your glasses.

“Take them off.

“Stop playing with them.

“Stop talking.”

His presentation blew me away. Distinctive and creative. No one else could have done it. Delivered with infectious excitement and passion.

He had prepared three when only one was required. We only had time for one. We had to move on. We had a lot to cover.

I mentioned a topic and he asked if I would tell him more. I brought him an article from the Wall Street Journal. Twice I’ve given hm pieces from the New York Times.

He has devoured them.

“Stop talking.

“We need to keep moving.

“We’ve got a lot to cover.”

How long will he survive?

Willing to ask him a question or two? Interested in what he has to say?

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