HB 875 – Gun Carry Bill is now in the Senate .

HB 875 – Gun Carry Bill is now in the Senate .

Express your feelings! But so it today, tomorrow or Wednesday… to make a difference


HB 875, the gun carry bill, which passed the House last week, now resides in the Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.  By now almost everyone knows this gun carry bill is one of the most lenient in the country.

Faith communities, schools and libraries, airports, bars and government buildings ( but not the State Capitol ! ) – are all places where the public will be subject to the presence of guns.


If the legislative calendar remains as it is, this will be a short week, with no session Thursday or Friday.

Take Action NOW!  

1.  Call Governor Deal and let him know that HB 875 is not what Georgians want for their children.  

Contact Governor Nathan Deal   404-656-1776 


2.  Call and write to the members of the Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee and speak up on behalf of the safety of the children of Georgia.  Vote “Do Not Pass” on HB 875!


Please be sure to contact Committee Chair, Sen. Jesse Stone.

E-mail:  jesse.stone@senate.ga.gov

Phone: (404) 463-1314

Fax: (404) 463-1388


3.  Call and write to your State Senator and let him/her know that you need him/her to stand with you for peace and for the safety of our children.


Find my State Senator


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