This Week’s Advocacy Ask

The “Ask”:  Call or write Governor Deal to thank him for prioritizing the Child Welfare Council Reforms in his budget request and for (once again) increasing the funding to the Juvenile Justice Incentive Grants.Juvenile Reform Bill Signed

The Why:  Child Protective Service (CPS), foster care support, as well as DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services) workforce support and development, have been underfunded for ages.  It is a complicated agency that has a really hard mission, and our children and families deserve the best supports they can get. Georgia needs to value those who check in on and protect children on a day to day basis.

The Message:

 “Dear Governor Deal, As a citizen of this great state, I want to thank you for your thoughtful approach to protecting and helping our children with your budget requests based on the Child Welfare Reform Council recommendations and for further increases in the community-based programs for young offenders.  The sustained support for some of our most vulnerable children and teens is very much appreciated and valued.  Thank you.”

The How:  Click here to contact Governor Deal by webmail with the message above (or something similar), or call his office at 404 -656-1776. Or stop at the PTC Advocacy Table on Sunday!  Questions? Email

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