2 Minute Advocacy Ask for this Week

The “Ask”:  Call or write two members of the House Appropriations Committee. Ask them to support Gov. voiceDeal’s budget request for money the Department of Corrections will use to enable prisoners to get GEDs and high school diplomas.

The Why:  Considering that there are about 2800 children under 22 years of age currently in the Department of Corrections (as opposed to those children in the Department of Juvenile Justice), and considering that about 70% of those in the DOC never attain a GED or high school diploma, this is an important step.  The governor’s budget requests for both FY 15 and FY 16 contain funding for this endeavor.

The Message: “Dear (House Appropriations member), As a citizen of this great state, I want you to know I strongly support Gov. Deal’s budget request for funding education staff and resources in the GA Department of Corrections. With this funding, people in prison and leaving prison will be able to GEDs and high school diplomas. I believe this is an important step forward, and I hope you will vote in favor of it.”

The How:  Go to http://www.house.ga.gov/Committees/en-US/Committee.aspx?Committee=88&Session=23 to find the House Appropriation Committee members. If your representative is on the committee, write or call them. Otherwise, pick two from the education sub-committee and call or write them. They ALL need to hear from citizens of GA.


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