2 Minute Advocacy Ask of the Week: Urge the Legislature to Improve Services for Children

welfareThe “Ask”:  Call or email your Georgia State Senator and ask him/her to vote FOR Senate Bill 138, the Child Welfare Reform Bill.

The When:  This bill is slated for vote this Friday, so it’s urgent that your senator hears from you by Thursday 4 P.M.

The Why:   Protecting Georgia’s Children from harm and neglect is one of the toughest jobs our government has.  To operate effectively, the Child Welfare Reform Council met repeatedly over the summer and fall and subsequently issued best practice legislative and policy recommendations for operating the state’s child welfare system.  SB 138 will enact some of the Governor’s Child Welfare Reform recommendations:

  • The Governor would appoint, pending the approval of the Senate, and have direct oversight of the director of the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS).
  • The bill establishes the DFCS State Advisory Board and better defines the makeup and obligations of county and regional DFCS boards.
  • The bill addresses the interagency sharing of data for the protection of children and allows a foster parent, as an agent of the DFCS, to have access to a child’s medical and educational records to ensure the proper care and education of a child entrusted to the foster parent’s care.
  • The bill also creates a central child abuse registry.

The Message: “Dear Senator _____________, Please vote for Senate Bill 138, the Child Welfare Reform Bill.  This bill will create the foundation the Department of Family and Children Services needs to better protect children and to help Georgia families thrive.  Thank you for your service and for all you do for Georgia’s children.

The How:  Click here to find your Senator’s contact information

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