The final Advocacy “ASK”!


Now that the Georgia legislative has ended for the year, there’s just one last “ASK”!

Take a moment to write a personal note, or send a personal email , to your state representative and your state senator, to thank them for representing you.

They give a lot of themselves during the session and outside the session. Let them know you appreciate their willingness to work for the people of Georgia, and for their willingness to listen to the voices of constituents like you!

Thank them specifically for passing the Safe Harbor Act and the Child Welfare Reform legislation, which you were particularly interested in.

Remember: Legislators WANT to know their constituents. During the “off” season, they are willing to meet you for coffee or lunch, to get to know you and to know your concerns. Meeting with your legislator is not as “scary” as you might think!

In a few months, Promise the Children Advocacy group will be encouraging you, (and supporting you!!!) in doing just that! Our advocacy voice for children is even more effective when our legislator “knows” us individually, and knows that he/she will get thoughtful recommendations on legislation from you… Stay tuned!!!

Use this website to easily and quickly get contact information for your legislators:

Thank you for speaking up for Georgia’s Children.

 You have made a difference!

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