WHEW!!!! Georgia Legislature – End of Session Update

The current Georgia Legislative session ended in the wee hours Friday morning.

The most important legislation we asked you to “Be a Voice” for, passed!

Here is an update on some of the issues we’ve asked you to advocate for or against since January.

If the advocacy information we’ve provided has sparked an interest for you and you’d like to become more involved, please consider joining us on the Promise the Children Advocacy Team. To sign up, or for more information, email PromiseTheChildren@uuca.org.

Safe Harbor/ Rachel’s Law – SB8, SR7: We asked you to advocate for this bill and resolution. This bill ensues youth who are trafficked in the sex trade are treated as victims, and it creates a “user fee” at strip clubs to fund services for these youths.   PASSED April 2nd

Child Welfare Reform Bill – SB138: We asked you to advocate for this bill to enact some of the recommendations of the Governor’s Child Welfare Reform recommendations. This will carry us a long way to re-making Georgia’s Child Welfare (DFACS) system. Very good news! PASSED April 2nd

Religious Freedom Restoration Act – SB129: We asked you to advocate against this bill. So did other groups within UUCA. STALLED in the house.

Budget: We asked you to advocate for adequate funding for child welfare reform as well as education staff and support for juveniles in the GA department of corrections. Generally, we were happy with the budget that was passed.

Hidden Predator Act – HB17: We asked you to advocate for passage of this act extending the statute of limitations for civil actions for childhood sexual abuse. PASSED on April 2nd

Legalize the sale of explosive fireworks in Georgia – HB 110: We asked you to advocate against this bill. Unfortunately, this PASSED on April 2.

The final step for most bills that passed is for Governor Deal to sign them into law. In some cases, part or all of the intended laws will be on the ballot to be voted on by Georgia voters in the next election.

Thank you for speaking up for Georgia’s Children.

 You have made a difference!

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