Promise the Children is a community of activists for children within the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. We are a unifying voice for our faith community to speak and act on behalf of children.

We are called by our faith to advocate for a public agenda that ensures the well-being of all of Georgia’s children. And we put our faith into action through direct service, working with organizations that serve children in need.

We are committed to a world where children are safe, healthy, educated, employable, and connected to their family and community.

How to Contact Us

Send us an email!  PromiseTheChildren@UUCA.org

The Chair for Promise the Children is Joy Borra, 770-498-2356.

The Chair for the Hope-Hill Neighborhood Partnership for Academic Excellence is Richard Bergman, (404) 345-5983.

Our Current Focus Areas

Child Health–Insurance, Obesity, and Other Issues

The health of a child influences how well they do in school, how their lives turn out, and their ability to support themselves as adults.

And what influences childhood health – physical and mental?  Being poor,  being hungry, lack of access to a doctor’s care, living in poor or dangerous conditions, experiencing domestic and other violence … and  obesity, the result of eating cheap food packed with empty calories just to keep the stomach from being hungry.

So many things affect childhood health. …This is a big area to get your head around! Promise the Children is speaking up about all those issues. More …

Ending Childhood Sexual Exploitation

UUCA is part of the youthSpark movement of youth and adults committed to ending child sex trafficking.  We work to transform the lives of children who have been exploited, abused and neglected, because NO CHILD wakes up at 16 and chooses to be prostituted.  More …

Help for Homeless and Struggling Families

The facts about poverty and homeless in Georgia are disheartening.

UUCA, through Promise the Children supports metro Atlanta’s neediest families with direct service ministry. Yet the biggest need is for unremitting advocacy for compassionate policies at both state and federal level.  This is where faith can step into action.

2,100 school-age children and their families are homeless in the City of Decatur and DeKalb County this year. More …

Hope-Hill Neighborhood Partnership for Academic Excellence

Over two decades ago UUCA decided to become a catalyst for educational improvement in Atlanta’s inner city. Our partnership with Hope-Hill Elementary School, located in the Old Fourth Ward, is twenty years old this year. In addition to our tutoring and other efforts at Hope-Hill, we work in partnership with other faith communities and local institutions, including Operation P.E.A.C.E. and the Saturday outreach program for children at Big Bethel AME Church. More …

Juvenile Justice–Student Discipline–Keeping Kids in Class

2013 was a banner year for juvenile justice. The state legislature passed and Gov. Deal signed the most sweeping overhaul of the juvenile law in 40 years.  UUCA member voices, as part of a broad-based coalition, worked for more than five years to get the legislation written and passed. More …

Older Youth in Foster Care

Many of these youth enter the adult world without the family network, community connections, jobs, housing, health insurance and other resources they need to become self-sufficient responsible adults. More …

Our Legislative Agenda

Every January, the Georgia legislature convenes for “Forty Days and Forty Nights” of law making.  And every January, Promise the Children activists write letters, make calls, and visit the state capitol to support (and oppose) legislation that affects children and families. More …

Our Stories

Frequently we post first-person stories about our volunteering with Promise the Children.  Sharing our experiences is an excellent way to help others answer the question: “What is it like to be a volunteer?”

The Informed Advocate

An important step in making change happen for children is for  adults to understand the challenges facing children and families.  The Informed Advocate series attempts to create the background of understanding that will lead … to letters written to politicians … to hands reaching out to specific children … to support for all the great child policy advocacy organizations in Georgia.  There are many. See our Resources for More Learning page.