Our Legislative Agenda

Every January, the Georgia legislature convenes for “Forty Days and Forty Nights” of law making.  And every January, Promise the Children activists write letters, make calls, and visit the state capitol to support (and oppose) legislation that affects children and families.

Georgia now has a sophisticated network of well-funded non-profits that recommend government policies affecting children.  UUCA Promise the Children and other faith communities serve as the megaphone for those policies. We raise our voices to our individual legislators.

And it is surprising the difference we make!  In 2013 the legislature, with MUCH strategic activism on our part,  passed one of the most far-sighted reforms of juvenile law in the US.  In 2010, we supported, and the legislature passed, legislation that treats child prostitutes as victims, not criminals.

We do have power at the local level and the state level, and it shows each year.  The Legislative Agenda changes from year to year, but when we raise our voices, we have many more successes than failures.