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“Love thy Neighbor” food sharing is Sunday. Then what?

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“Love thy Neighbor” food sharing is Sunday.

Then what? 

This Sunday, Nov. 24, many UUCA members will bring food to donate. 

They have shopped for 100 food insecure families in the Old Fourth Ward community.  We’ll pack the food in cardboard boxes, and drive the boxes downtown.  Families will pick the food up from our partner, Operation PEACE.

But, Promise the Children advocates always keep in mind:  This project is not an end;  it must be a beginning.  Even though this is a large food sharing project, next month, the families will be hungry again.

So. What’s next?

It’s pretty exciting! 

On Thursday, December 5,  UUCA will help City Councilman Kwanza Hall host  a “Community Conversation about Food Insecurity in the Old Fourth Ward.”  (10:00 a.m – noon, Fort Street Methodist, 562 Boulevard Ave.)

We expect this will be the first of several conversations aimed at identifying the gaps between all our good intentions and people who still lack adequate food.

If food insecurity is an issue you care about, let us know. We’re building UUCA group to work with the large and varied group  in the Old Fourth Ward – a long-term food project.  

If you have an interest, let us know… this is NOT committing you to DOING anything!  Email PromiseTheChildren@uuca.org.

More  Background:

Food Insecurity.  It means people who don’t have regular access to enough nourishing food for a healthy, active life.

In the Old Fourth Ward, food insecurity isn’t just some fancy words… It lives and breathes; it haunts many residents.

We are concerned about the children who are doing poorly in school because they do not get enough food or the right kind of food at home.

We are concerned about our elders whose often limited incomes and limited mobility to make it hard for them to get enough nourishing food.

There are questions we want to ask:

          –   What is the extent to which hunger is  a problem in the Old Fourth Ward           neighborhood? 

          – What  groups are helping with food and nutrition in our area?  How successful are we being at helping people keep food on their tables?

          – What is missing; where are the gaps? 

          – What can we do together, pooling our efforts,  to bring more food nourishing food to citizens in the Old Fourth Ward? 

Who will be attending the “Conversation about Food Insecurity”? 

          – People who have the experience of not getting enough to eat at the end of the month, when SNAP benefits have run out.

          – Schools, day care centers and senior centers where hungry people gather.

          -And the organizations that provide food – from the food bank to the local churches that serve hot meals.

UUCA’s Role: 

UUCA has worked in the Old Fourth Ward for two decades at Hope-Hill Elementary School. We provide tutors, after school clubs, and other resources that the school lacks. 

For the last two years, UUCA has built a coalition with other churches and neighborhood organizations to make sure that most Hope-Hill students attend summer enrichment programs that feed both their minds and their bodies.

Through a broad community coalition, UUCA will be supporting  a larger  conversation about how to increase the amount of nutritious food  for families of Hope-Hill Elementary children and for the elderly who live in the area.


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November 18, 2013 · 4:13 pm

Help for Homeless and Struggling Families

The facts about poverty and homeless in Georgia are disheartening.

UUCA, through Promise the Children supports metro Atlanta’s neediest families with direct service ministry. Yet the biggest need is for unremitting advocacy for compassionate policies at both state and federal level.  This is where faith can step into action.

2,100 school-age children and their families are homeless in the City of Decatur and DeKalb County this year. More …

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