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Was Anyone Ever There For You?

Anyone ever read to you? Clearly explain something that had you stumped?   Introduce you to an exciting idea completely outside your experience? So wild it didn’t seem possible?!

Anyone remember your name? Greet you and be happy to see you? Invite you to join something that looked like fun, but you were too afraid to try?

Ever been challenged to do your best? I mean r-e-a-l-l-y challenged. To stretch your thinking, dig deeper, go after something that seemed impossible?

Encouraged? Supported? Been ready to give up, but somebody believed in you—more than you believed in yourself?

I have. In some cases I can tell you precisely when, by whom, and how it made me feel.

I’m betting you have too.

Our U.U.C.A. partnership with Hope-Hill Elementary School offers us opportunities to be there for children.

Please join us.

Richard Bergman

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Hope-Hill Elementary School (HHES) 2013 Volunteer Opportunities

The staff of Hope-Hill Elementary is eager to enlist UUCA members and other community partners as volunteers at the school.  Principal Maureen Wheeler told us, “We’ll use as many volunteers as you can give us.”woman and young boy

To help you decide when and how you’d like to help, please click  on 2013 HHES Volunteer Opportunities to review available volunteer opportunities.  After deciding what you’d like to do, follow the steps below.

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) now require volunteers to renew their background check each new academic year.  If you have not already done so, you can obtain the required background check form at the  website below.  (The form is available at the Hope-Hill table in the Social Hall on Sundays.)  In a single visit to the school, you can turn in your completed form and obtain a volunteer assignment that matches your preferences!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/Page/26236.  Click on Volunteer Release Form.  Print and complete the form as a Level 2 Volunteer.
  2. Take your completed form, plus your driver’s license or other photo ID to Hope-Hill ES (112 Boulevard NE, Atlanta 30312).  Give the form to Nicole Jones at the front desk.  She will make a copy of your driver’s license or other picture ID and submit the form to APS.  It takes about a week for the form to be processed.
  3. While at the school, ask to meet with one of the two Instructional Coaches:  Kelly Day (grades K-2) or Michelle Crawford (grades 3-5).  They will help you find the grade level, subject area, time slot, and day(s) of week to match your preferences.   If Michelle or Kelly are not available, you can call to make a later appointment by calling 404-802-7450 or e-mail:  kaday@atlantapublicschools.us or macrawford@altantapublicschools.us.

As soon as your background check is cleared by APS headquarters, you will be notified, and you can go to work helping kids learn.

You might want to jot on a slip of paper your contact info along with your volunteer preferences, such as grade level/age, subject, times, etc.

Please be sure to let Howard Rees, UUCA/Hope-Hill Volunteer Coordinator  know what your assignment is, and if  he can be of  help to you.  Here is Howard’s contact information:  Phone: 404-874-0500; E-mail: reshow@gmail.com

Thank you for your commitment of time and for caring about the precious children of Hope-Hill.

Jocelyn Medium Pic

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At Partner Summit Hope-Hill’s New Principal Acknowledges Problems, Announces Five Goals

Last week Hope-Hill’s new principal, Ms. Maureen Wheeler, held a Partner Summit with representatives from UUCA and other partner organizations. She minced no words. Looking in the aggregate at the school’s standardized test for the last academic year in grades three through five,

  • 23 percent failed reading,
  • 28.6 percent failed English/language arts,
  • 43.8 percent failed math,
  • 49.1 percent failed social studies, and
  • 50.3 percent failed math.

Some Hope-Hill students are doing well. But far too many are failing now—and academic failure now is only the precursor to a downward spiral later on in life.

And, as Ms. Wheeler pointed out, the problems that show up when standardized testing begins in grade three begin with a failure to master basic skills in the earlier grades.

Too many Hope-Hill students walk in the kindergarten door lacking the number sense and the vocabulary on which academic success is built. The problem is intractable. Declaring grandiose aspirations doesn’t solve the problem. Reasonable, measurable goals are needed. To that end, Ms. Wheeler announced these five goals for Hope-Hill Elementary School:

1. To increase reading achievement by 5-10 percent in grades three through five by

  • vocabulary acquisition,
  • literacy across the content,
  • writing across the curriculum, and
  • early literacy programs.

2. To increase math achievement in grades three through five by 5-10 percent.

3. To increase the amount of parent participation by 50 percent for education workshops focused on improving student achievement.

4. Implementing a Positive Behavior Intervention Program: “Eagle Expectations.”

5. Providing a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all stakeholders.

We welcome and support these goals. Come by our table in the social hall on Sundays to find out more about how you can help.

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