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Youth Sex Trafficking: Recommended Reading

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In today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Feb. 16th) there is an informative article in the Opinion/Editorial section (page A19) on the subject of youth sex trafficking.  The tile is, “As a society, we avert our eyes from sex trafficking”.  The author is Nicholas Kristof, a columnist for the New York Times.  If you Google his name, you’ll find that he’s written extensively about youth sex trafficking.  The AJC article is about a 15 year runaway named Emily and how she got caught up in the sex trafficking “trade”.  Of particular value to me were Mr. Kristof’s thoughts as to why we, as a nation, are willing to ‘avert our eyes’ and not see youth sex trafficking as a human tragedy that deserves our attention.

I checked AJC.com in hopes of finding a link to the article I could post here.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one.  So, to read the article, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way by finding a copy of today’s AJC.   Doing so will be worth your time. 


Youth Sex Trafficking is a form of Modern-Day Slavery.

Youth Sex Trafficking is a form of Modern-Day Slavery.

Like a lot of folks, I’ve thought of youth sex trafficking as one of any number of social ills that “somebody-ought-to-do-something about”.  I’ve now begun to think that perhaps that somebody could be me. 

At UUCA, Ines Hoster and Mary Moore are spearheading a PTC action team focused on youth sex trafficking.  Be on the lookout for information from them on upcoming opportunities where we can learn about youth sex trafficking and how we, as a faith community, can become involved in fighting this horror.

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Facing Sex Trafficking of Children in Atlanta


On Thursday, January 30, at 7 PM, join us at UUCA for a moving performance: “Facing Sex Trafficking of Children in Atlanta.”

Every city has its dirty secrets!  Did you know that Atlanta is known as a center for the modern form of slavery called sex trafficking?  Sad to say, sex trafficking affects children and teenagers, mostly girls, from all walks of life in all kinds of neighborhoods—from the poorest to the richest.

Spiritual leaders from all faiths, civic leaders, artists, dancers and former victims will be gathering before an audience to tell their stories and help educate you about this shameful issue in as thoughtful way.

The Program is called “Facing Child Sex Trafficking: Atlanta’s Dirty Little Secret.”  The goal is to educate and inform the public about the child sex trafficking crisis in metro Atlanta. By raising awareness the project founders want to help parents, educators, medical professionals, faith community leaders, teens and adults to understand the signs and to protect children from being vulnerable to predators, both on the internet and in their community.  They also are empowering artists to continue to use their voices to speak out on social justice issues.

We are delighted to announce that Facing Project Founders J.R. Jamison-Pippin and Kelsey Timmerman will join us for the event.

We invite you to JOIN US IN THE FIGHT TO END MODERN SLAVERY IN ATLANTA and around the world!    



Please come. Entrance is free and there will be a reception afterwards which will give you the opportunity to talk to the people from various organizations which have rallied around this cause that affects all of us!

To paraphrase Martin Luther King: if there is a daughter or son in this city that is being sex trafficked, it affects me and the children in my family as well.

We need to stand up together against the crime of sex trafficking or we all participate in it on some level!

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